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Online Order Cancellation & Refund Policy :

Online Order Cancellation by EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd
Everbake reserves the right to cancel any order placed by any customer through the website www.everbake.in hereinafter referred to as “Online Order”. EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd will endeavor to honour all the Online Orders placed on the website except in case of unforeseen circumstances that may come in the way of executing the order including but not limited to limitations on quantity available of the product for the order, any error in the product(s) or pricing information available on the website, or any other limitations. In such cases EverBake Bake bakers Pvt Ltd may require some further information before execution/cancellation of the Online Order. The customer who has placed the Online Order may be contacted through e-mail or phone by EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd if EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd decides to cancel the order or requires any further information for execution of the order. If the Online Order is cancelled after the credit card of the customer been charged, an amount of upto 5% of the order amount will be retained by EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd  towards the processing fees. The rest will be refunded to the same credit card within 15 working days of original Online Order date via electronic transfer.

Online Order Cancellation by the Customer
A Customer who has placed an Online Order can cancel his order by intimating his intention though e-mail to cancellation@everbake.in to cancel the order any time before EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd  has dispatched the order or at least 24 hours prior the proposed delivery time date of order, whichever is earlier. The customer has to provide the Online Order number and date while intimating his intention to cancel the Online Order and EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd may contact the customer for any further details for cancellation of the Online Order. Once the Online Order has been dispatched by EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd, it cannnot be cancelled at any circumstances. In case of cancellation of the Online -Oorder the amount paid by the customer after a deduction of upto 5% towards processing and other charges, will be refunded back to him in the mode as given below :


  1. Net amount will be  refunded back to the same credit card through which the payment has been made via electronic transfer, or
  2. The net amount may be refunded to the customer through “gift vouchers” or e-coupons which can be used at any of the EverBake Bake bakers Pvt Ltd outlets or online against consumption of any food items thereat; AND

The customer will not raise any dispute on refund policy which he accepts before placing of the Online Order. EverBake Bake bakers Pvt Ltd  reserves the right to change the refund policy at any point of time. The modified policy will be effective from the date of being displayed on the website.


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