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Privacy Policy

EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd recognizes the importance of privacy, security and the sensitivity of your Personal Information (as defined below). EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd believes in protecting the privacy of customers of its outlets/ hotels and visitors of its website (users). This Privacy Policy basically outlines how EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd manages the Personal Information collected from its users and safeguards the privacy of the same. By providing Personal Information to EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd, users are considered to be agreeable to the terms of this Privacy Policy. However, EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd is committed to continuous improvement and values constructive inputs from the users. EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd welcome the comments and/or suggestions of its customers for improving this Privacy Policy. In case of any of the users have doubts or concerns, they can contact EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd at the address at the end of this policy. This Privacy policy covers the treatment of Personal Information that EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd  collects, both through its website and through communications or interactions EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd may have with its users (such as e-mails, telephone conversations, face-to-face or some other correspondence). This Privacy Policy also covers the treatment of any such information shared with the users by any third parties. Since EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd regularly reviews all of its policies and procedures, it may change this Privacy Policy from time to time and such changes will be effective from the date of its revision on the website.

MEANING OF “PERSONAL INFORMATION” “Personal Information” means personally identifiable information, including without limitation names, addresses, financial and credit information (such as provided by franchise applicants), health information, customer comments, suggestions, complaints and consumer preference information.

Users providing comments regarding their experience at various EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd outlets/ restaurants or Hotels, use of credit cards to pay for meals or room reservations, order for Home Deliveries, participating in a EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd contest or promotional program, applying for being appointed to be a franchisee of EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd, seeking employment opportunities with EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd or any other interactions with EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd users may provide EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd certain Personal Information related to these interactions. EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd gives all its users the assurance that it will not give, sell, rent, share, loan or use otherwise the Personal Information of its users to any third party except with the prior permission of the user or as disclosed in this policy or as may be permitted or required by law. In some of the cases EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltdmay appoint some third parties to provide the services to its users and EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd also gives the assurance that the third party will be bound by confidentiality obligations. EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd takes all required reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Information of its users is kept safe from any loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. The Personal Information collected/received from any of the users will be retained by EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd in accordance with this policy only for as long as may be necessary or relevant for the purpose of collection or as may be required or permitted by law, after which time it will be destroyed or made anonymous unless it is required to be retained for further time. EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd generally notifies its users of the purposes of the collection, use and disclosure of the Personal Information at the time of collection, unless the purpose is obvious and the users voluntarily provide the information (as in the case of providing your credit card to pay for a meal, reserve a room or avail of a particular service) or EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd is required or authorized by any law of the state to do so. Without limiting the foregoing, EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd may collect, use and disclose particular types of Personal Information as follows:

If any of the customers provide EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd s his/her comments on his/her experiences at any of the outlets or hotels ofEverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd . EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd may forward such Personal Information provided by the customer to the relevant outlet/ hotel, and that outlet/ hotel and EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd itself may use that information in order to respond to, keep a record of, administer and make known within EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd and its franchisees the comments, queries and suggestions of the customers.



If any of the users apply for or make inquiries about obtaining a franchise of EverBake Equipments Pvt LtdEverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd will use such Personal Information provided by the users to review and assess the candidature of such users and for the purposes of tracking business contacts and building business relationship with them. This may include contacting references and conducting credit and background checks with others in accordance with the signed consent provided by such users to EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd.

Users also can visit the EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd website without registering or providing any Personal Information at all. However, at certain portions of the EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd website, website users may have to provide certain Personal Information toEverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd. Though EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd takes all reasonable steps to safe guard the personal information provided by its users, EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd cannot guarantee the confidentiality or security of any e-mail communication or information sent by the user to EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd via the website. If any of the users really want to send any confidential information to EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd, those users are requested to please notify EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd first to make some arrangements to secure the confidentiality of such information.


EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd  website does not use any spy software or any other mode by which Personal Information is collected automatically from its visitors. EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd website may contain links to other sites or other sites may have links to EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd website, such other websites are not governed by this policy. Users are requested to read the individual privacy policies of such websites, and make an informed decision about whether or not to use these sites based upon their privacy practices and terms of use.

This policy is governed by the laws of India under the jurisdiction of the Courts in Delhi. This policy constitutes and contains the entire agreement between the users and EverBake Equipments Pvt Ltd with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any prior oral or written agreements. If any provision of this policy is held to be illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that this policy will otherwise remain in full force and effect and enforceable.

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