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Rotary Rack Oven – 34



• Remarkably even distribution of heat ensures perfectly baked product every time
• Better fuel economy
• Highly compact with unmatched output to space ratio
• 310 grade stainless steel heat exchanger ensures higher life
• Even flow of steam through the baking chamber with the inbuilt generator
• Overload indicator
• Buzzer alarm after every cycle
• Fuel indicator buzzes with 2 hours of diesel in tank



Model Dimensions (inches) weight (approx) connected load fuel
EBRO 34 47″ x 65″ x 90″
(W x L x H)
1000 Kg 2.25 hp Gas / Diesel

Capacity (per batch)

No. of trays NO. of rack trolly Max Baking Area Bread (400 gms) Cookies Dry Rusk buns sponge cae
34 (13″ x 18″)
17 (16″ x 24″)
1 7956 Sq inch 120 pcs. 13 kg 13 kg 408 pcs. 62 Kg.

We at EverBake understand needs of a baker & thus we have developed Rack Ovens that are user friendly, fuel efficient and give unsupassed even flow of heat which results in perfectly baked products everytime.

All EverBake Rack Ovens are available in two fuel options i.e. gas (LPG & CNG) and oil (Diesel) and can be delivered fully assembled as well as dismantled as per the customer’s preference.



Remarkable even distribution of heat ensures perfectly baked products every time.
eb-005 Front panel shows indications fo trip motors incase of voltage fluctuation.
High capacity steam generator ensures even flow of steam throughout baking chamber thus resuling in better quality and taste of the product with a shiny crust.
Every rack oven comes with a diesel tank or a gas bank fitted with filters to make supply of fuel to the oven.


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